Small Bits - Vegan Recipes for Appetizers

When I was growing up, being able to make appetizers, finger food, party food was the mark of a good housewife. Am I dating myself here? I remember being fascinated by those pictures in the cookbooks with the cocktail wieners in buns and luncheon meat rolled up with cheese slices and stuck through with a toothpick. Ok, now I really am dating myself! I have advanced in what I think of as acceptable finger food but in the end it just needs to be easy to pick up and eat.

It makes a nice picture when you place the appetizers beautifully on a plate. In the "old" days that meant putting a radish cut to look like a rose but sometimes just a beautiful plate with a design that compliments the colors of the food itself is enough. Or a couple of fresh parsley sprigs can add a special touch. It's really easy when you are having people over to have just a few small things and drinks. Then everyone can munch to their hearts content.

You can use them as starters starters to a full meal. It is a great idea to capture the flavor of the whole meal for example Bruschetta with an italian meal or spring rolls with an asian food meal. A friend of mine has a family tradition at Thanksgiving of serving dates filled with peanut butter or a walnut and rolled in sugar as a starter. That makes a great beginning and is easy to make. It even fits into a vegan diet!

Sometimes appetizers can be the whole meal like the Pine Nut Spread with freshly baked bread and a salad or antipasto. When you make them from vegan recipes, they are just as delicious.

Here are some vegan recipes to try out.

Vegan Recipes for Appetizers

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