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I have to admit I have a sweet tooth - and I mean a SWEET TOOTH! Sometimes I think I eat a meal only so that I can justify having something sweet at the end! Fortunately, there are lots of good vegan recipes for desserts and sweets. Cake, cupcakes, bars, cookies, pretty much everything that you can think of is possible.

You might think that because I don't use eggs that I can't make some things but there are lots of alternatives for eggs in most recipes. There is a great commercial egg substitutes and there are also alternatives in the recipes: applesauce, silken tofu, bananas and soy yoghurt to name a few. The texture and flavor end up pretty much the same and sometimes better. Eggless cooking is important for people with an allergy to eggs or who want to reduce their cholesterol, so the vegan way is also a healthy way to enjoy great desserts.

My mother's strength as a cook were her sweet things. Her rhubarb cake and cookies are a great part of my childhood and so I am going to work on making vegan versions of the old classics. Some of the classic German recipes from my husband's childhood are also on the plan. Germans tend to not like things as sweet as American. When I have guests, they sometimes won't have more than a small piece because they say it is too sweet. TOO SWEET? There is no such thing! On the other hand, some traditional German "Nachtische" (literally "after the table")  are really great and I will be including a vegan version of them.

There are also going to be new possibilities from my research into vegan recipes and I am really looking forward to see what taste treats are in store!

Vegan Recipes for Desserts and Sweets

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