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Some of the people I tell that I have become a vegan say, "What do you eat for dinner?" I guess everyone imagines that all vegans eat is salad and a salad is what you might eat for lunch or as an accompaniment to a main dish but what would those be? The truth is, there are so many wonderful recipes and ideas for cooking great vegan food that I sometimes don't know where to start.


I am a person who likes comfort food, thick casseroles, mac and cheese, things that are warm and gooey mostly and all of that is still available for the vegan diet. But I also like Asian cooking, I sometimes do theme meals with a couple of courses. I like mixing things up and trying something that we haven't had before. There are lots of possibilities with vegan cooking, maybe more than you think. If you want to make a romantic dinner, if you are having friends over, there are so many great things to make and no one will honestly miss the meat. Even my husband, who is a big meat lover has been surprised how tasty the food is.


I have already begun to rework old favorite main dishes and also trying new things. I love trying out new recipes and this is a great opportunity for that. I don't have the time or the patience to do recipes that take too much time except for a special occasion, so most of the recipes I like tend to take less than an hour. I also like to use whole fresh foods if it is possible but sometimes store bought is the best like with tofu. At any rate, good food that is good tasting is the goal and I hope you enjoy what I have come up with.


Vegan Recipes for Main Dishes

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