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Tomato Galette

Tomato Galette with Pine Nut Spread A galette is kind of like a pizza only different!   Servings: 6; Duration: about 1 hour Utensils needed: cookie sheet or flat pan, b… http://cookavegan.com/recipes/main-dishes/tomato-galette/

Naan - Indian Flatbread

Naan - Indian Flatbread The first Indian meal that I had was when I lived in New York but now I love the intense, aromatic flavors. Back then one of my favorite Indian dishes… http://cookavegan.com/recipes/breads/naan/

Pine Nut Spread

Pine Nut Spread This is really creamy and delicious as a spread on bread or a dip with crackers.   Servings: 4-6 Duration: about 1 hour Utensils: Food processor, blend… http://cookavegan.com/recipes/appetizers/pine-nut-spread/

Tofu and Snow Peas

Tofu and Snow Peas The wonderful BBQ like sauce is what makes this Tofu and Snow Peas really delicious. We like chinese food and spicy dishes. This recipes has both together!… http://cookavegan.com/recipes/main-dishes/tofu-and-snow-peas/

Eggplant Cucumber Salad

Eggplant Cucumber Salad This salad has a real asian flair with lemon grass, soy sauce and hoisin. You can reduce the amount of red chili or leave it out if spicy is not your … http://cookavegan.com/recipes/salads/eggplant-cucumber-salad/


Bruschetta Actually, there is nothing particularily vegan about Bruschetta. I decided to include a recipe for it because I love it and it is one of the first "new" things tha… http://cookavegan.com/recipes/appetizers/bruschetta/

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