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Tomato Galette

Tomato Galette with Pine Nut Spread A galette is kind of like a pizza only different!   Servings: 6; Duration: about 1 hour Utensils needed: cookie sheet or flat pan, b… http://cookavegan.com/recipes/main-dishes/tomato-galette/

Farfalla with Grapes and Pine Nuts

Farfalla with Grapes and Pine Nuts This is a recipe for Farfalla with Grapes my husband and I created when the competition cooking shows were new in Germany where people had … http://cookavegan.com/recipes/main-dishes/farfalla-grapes/

Orange Avocado Salad

Orange Avocado Salad I was feeling like fresh oranges and maybe a little like California and so I had the idea to combine oranges and avocados in this Orange Avocado Salad. A… http://cookavegan.com/recipes/salads/orange-avocado-salad/

Pine Nut Spread

Pine Nut Spread This is really creamy and delicious as a spread on bread or a dip with crackers.   Servings: 4-6 Duration: about 1 hour Utensils: Food processor, blend… http://cookavegan.com/recipes/appetizers/pine-nut-spread/

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