Mango Ice Cream


This is actually my first try at making vegan ice cream and this Mango Ice Creamwas delicious. Ripe mangos have such a wonderful peppery flavor. And I am a sucker for ice cream. I have to admit it, if there was only one food on the planet that is what I would want it to be. There is that old joke: "The carton of Haagen Daz says serves 4. I guess I just haven't met the other three people!" It is great to know that there is still a way to enjoy the creamy sweetness of ice cream and still be lactose and animal product free! 


Servings: 4
Duration: about 10 minutes
Utensils: blender or hand blender, ice making machine


You can try different types of vegan cream. Soy cream is very smooth and milky but leaves a kind of after taste. Oat cream has a natural sweetness and rice cream isn't as smooth and will be more like ice milk. Try different "creams" to get the texture you ilke.


2 very ripe mangos, peeled and chopped

1/4 cup algave syrup

3/4 cup vegan cream



Puree the mango with the blender or hand blender until it has the consistency you want. Add the milk and the algave syrup and pulse a few times until really mixed. Follow the directions on your ice cream machine and serve. 



I like to leave some chunks in the mango puree so that there are still some chunks in the ice cream. And I left some chunks of fresh mango on the side to make the bowl look nice. You could also place some fresh mint leaves on top for a little decoration.


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