Traditional Frankfurter Green Sauce


The "Grüne Soße" (Green Sauce) of Frankfurt is traditionally served for the first time of the season on the Thursday before Easter. The ingredients - a mixture of seven fresh herbs -and the name are even registered with the EU Commission. You can't call it Frankfurter Green Sauce unless it actually comes from Frankfurt! My Husband grew up in Frankfurt and we live now a few miles outside of it, so naturally Green Sauce is often on our dinner table. The fresh herbs and yoghurt sauce is one of the first signs of spring. Everyone has their own take on the recipe: some use mayonnaise, some grind the herbs really fine, some use eggs, some not. Here is my vegan take on it.


Servings: 2-4
Duration: about 30 minutes
Utensils: Herb cutter or food processor
Cooking surface: the sauce is not cooked


The balance of the herbs depends on the time of year and availability but Garden Sorrel, Chives and Parsley are always included. It helps make a nice blend if the herbs are chopped in groups so that the flavours mix.


Approximately 8 oz of a combination of the following fresh herbs washed and finely chopped:


Garden Sorrel


Chevril/French Parsley




5-6 oz plain soy yoghurt

2 oz vegan sour cream, optional

6 oz soft tofu, diced

Salt and Pepper



Combine all of the ingredients and spice to taste. Green Sauce is traditionally served over boiled potatos but it could also be served with bread.




Although I have a kitchen machine, we still chopped the herbs with an old fashioned cutter. It is hard work but the wonderful smell of the fresh cut herbs makes it worth it!


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