Insalata Caprese


The "insalata Caprese" is a standard in every Italian restaurant in Germany but like everything else, there are many different ways to prepare it. Actually it is really easy but such a great light salad. We usually eat it with a simple protein dish, like a fried slice of seitan but it can be a meal in itself with fresh baked italian bread like foccacia or ciabatta (one of our favorites!).


Servings: 2
Duration: about 10 Minutes



Another choice would be to use crema di balsamico which is a more concentrated version of balsamico vinegar and is also available with other added flavors.



2 medium-sized firm tomatos, thinly sliced

8 oz vegan mozzarella, thinly sliced

Fresh basil leaves, washed


Olive oil

Fresh ground pepper




Arranged the sliced tomatos on a plate, lay the mozzarella on top and place one fresh basil leaf on each slice. Drizzle with balsamico and olive oil. Grind the pepper over and salt to taste.

I tend to be a purist and by only the balsamico that is actually bottled in Modena, Italy where it comes from. The bottles are cooler and I think the flavor is better. I like to use balsamico and a little oil on a gresh green salad. Easy and great tasting.


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